Giving Opportunities

Family Enrichment Center exists to serve the residents in Goose Creek Heights Davenport. This neighborhood is one of the most uniqure neighborhoods in Davenport. Because of many challenges including; limited access to stores, hospitals, grocery shops, schools and other much needed resources, FEC has decided to address these challenges head on. Please consider helping in one of the following areas -
Financial support – there are many ways to do this including; 1)one-time or recurring donations via our website, 2)send a check made out to Family Enrichment Center to: 300 W 59th Street, Davenport, IA 52806, 3)participate in FEC fundraiser events, 4)donation to the Hands On memorabilia building drive.
Set up an endowment/bequest to FEC – Please visit Community Foundation of Great River Bend for this option