How is this program different than other programs already available?
By providing a continual system of support we will keep children connected to programming benefiting them throughout their educational experience.

Is FEC part of the Davenport Schools?
No. Although FEC is not part of Davenport Schools, we exist to partner with and support them. Our early childhood curriculum is strategically provided to children so that they will be school ready upon entering the public school system.

Are there fees for programs?
There are no fees charged, however families participating in our programs will give back to the community in areas of service. We purposefully chose to locate within an under resourced area of Davenport to improve all aspects from the inside out. Our primary goal is to transform the area into a self-sustaining neighborhood within several years.

How do you know your programs are effective?
We use measurement standards to ensure that all students are progressing in each program. Our goal is not to provide another program; it is to produce results with the programs we offer.

Do you offer programs for adults also?
Yes. We understand that each child’s main support comes from within their family. We provide educational, employment, childcare and other parental support.

Why did you choose this particular location in Davenport?
We understand that the problems of poverty, unemployment, crime and low scholastic achievement exist throughout the Quad Cities. We strategically chose the north area of Davenport as a starting place to tackle these issues. By providing intensive intentional support to the families within this area we will see a transformation.

Are you open to providing other centers in other areas in the Quad Cities?
Yes. When we see the transformation of this area of the community, we believe it will be easier to gain a broader base of support and thus be able to provide other centers.

How is the FEC funded?
By grants, donations and endowments from generous contributing organizations and individuals throughout the Quad Cities and outside of the QC area.