About FEC

Raffle at Goose Creek picnic

Raffle at Goose Creek picnic

Mission Statement
The mission of the Family Enrichment Center of Davenport Inc (FEC) is to transform the lives of families/individuals in the Goose Creek Heights neighborhood by providing intensive educational, social and recreational programming so that each person can become a successful, positive productive member of the Quad Cities community.

Family Enrichment Center of Davenport (FEC) reaches beyond typical programs for at-risk youth to include a focus on impacting the neighborhood environment that surrounds and affects youth daily. The FEC’s goal is to create a continuous, uninterrupted system of support for children and families in the north Davenport area. By concentrating our efforts on aggressive outreach and intensive programming within this specific area, we create the capacity to impact a larger majority of youth and families. As an increasing percentage of the neighborhood responds to the positive influences, we will create a momentum shift that changes neighborhood norms away from destructive patterns and towards constructive goals.

Continuity of Services
Our organization seeks to provide connectivity of programs enabling each individual participant to progress and grow through intensive, intentional and accountable systems. While there are many excellent programs in the Quad Cities, FEC believes providing support at an early age and continuing that support as a child grows and enters public or private schooling and even continuing to work with parents and the schools will ensure success for each individual child.

Outcomes and Measures
By following the progress of every individual that enters FEC we will be able to provide the specific support and assist each participant toward achieving their highest goals.