Winter thaw

I’m certain everyone in the Midwest and Eastern states are more than ready for Spring. Winter has a way of slowing things down, and in some cases even stopping them. In the Quad Cities, for the first time in recent history we had a work snow day. We received so much snow within a 24 hour period nearly the entire area shut down.
Over the winter months, FEC has been very busy. We’ve formed a resource development committee and had 2 meetings. Our constuction committee has been busy planning and collaborating with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and QC Homebuilders Association.Our board and finance committee have been meeting faithfully to keep things on track. We’ve been applying for grants, fundraising and friend-raising. The resource development committee has planned a fundraising event coming up in March. All of these things in preparation to break ground on our 3200 square foot building. Our plan is to break ground in late April – early May. We have a great deal of momentum right now. Together we can make this happen!

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