Busy, busy, busy…

Like most of you, I have been keeping really busy. In all honesty, I’ve thought about this website several hundred times over the last month. I guess my thoughts haven’t made it to written form until now in recent days. Since December I’ve been working a new job. It’s a good job, challenging and demanding. For the most part I’ve been averaging 60 hours/week. When I get home at night and on weekends, I only have energy to eat some supper, watch a few minutes of television and maybe do a little reading. Throughout the day, my thoughts are with the folks in Goose Creek, especially the children I’ve met.
Week by week, 60 hours at the job, time keeps going by. Unfortunately for many of the children in Goose Creek, time is not on their side. Most of them won’t have a quality early education, a parent reading to them, someone working with them to develop skills at this crucial time in their lives. Although I am tired and overworked, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the mothers and children living in Goose Creek. The ones that will benefit directly from FEC programs. FEC is gaining momentum with volunteers, donors and some great folks who have decided to commit to these families. If you haven’t gotten involved yet, think about joining a committee, volunteering or donating. Email info@fecdavenport.com and we’ll get you started!

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