Earlier tonight I was with 6 amazing young children. While I was watching them play, I was reminded of how children have a gift to be able to be in the moment. The pressures of starting this nonprofit have been weighing heavily on me recently. We are in need of operating funds, we need to raise funds to build our building, we have the families of these children that are looking forward to their children learning and being equipped with the best learning tools. On top of this, the 140 people we spoke with in Goose Creek are expecting us to build this center. While these things are certainly a reality, in the moment with these children I experienced once again the joy of laughter, playing and learning. It’s a simple thing that we as adults tend to forget about in the midst of our busy lives. I’m so glad I get to share the joy and learn from these children on a regular basis. Please consider doing whatever you can to help build an education center for these 6 children and the other nearly 700 children in the Goose Creek neighborhood. With everyone’s help, we can make the moment now.

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