Are you with me

Some of you may have heard about the movie “Waiting for Superman.” This post is not about the movie. In many ways, my own version of waiting for superman has been this Pepsi Refresh competition. I had the hope that many people would jump in and help and vote each day to make a huge impact in getting $50,000 to build an education center in Goose Creek. One of our board members made a comment that hurt, but really is true. He said people that aren’t in that neighborhood, say in Bettendorf for instance, don’t care about Goose Creek. Now I know there are people that care about many things that aren’t right in their neighborhood, but as far as a superman (or woman) coming to the rescue, that isn’t going to happen. I can honestly say I am proud of all of you that have been faithfully voting each day! I can also honestly say that I am disappointed that many, many more are not!
Last night we had 6 parents and their children that are expectant about their futures at one of our programs. We are renting space in a building that is inadequate, but we’re making it work. That is why we need this building built. A week and a half ago, we canvassed the neighborhood to see if the residents really want this center. With a few exceptions, it was a resounding “YES”! Quite frankly, that work was as much for our board and volunteers as for the residents. After nearly 2 years, we’re wondering if this is ever going to happen. Not only that, why hasn’t there been something in place long before us? The neighborhood has been without resources for a long, long time.
What I want to know is, are you with me? If you haven’t taken a few seconds each day to vote for FEC to receive this funding, ask that question. If you haven’t taken time to get to know our organization by visiting our website and see “about FEC” ask that question. If you know me and would like to learn why I’m so passionate about this, send an email, let’s get some coffee, lunch or just dialogue via email or Facebook.
Waiting for Superman is Geoff Canada’s (the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone) story of how he realized there was no Superman coming to rescue him and his family out of poverty. So he decided to do something about being superman to other kids. If you’ve read this far I know you care. What are you going to do to become part of this super team that is going to help Tania, Nay, Desha, Karen, Cierra, Camille, Courtney, Tre, Cedric, Brandon and the 600 plus children that call Goose Creek home? Are you with me?

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